Monday, 30 December 2013

Welcome to Gymtrition!

From a fitness enthusiast and athlete myself, my interest in fitness is something I wish to share with others through this blog and twitter page @gymtrition. The idea behind Gymtrition is that it’s a site to review other fitness products, equipment, clothing and supplements in order to give other people information about products before purchasing. The site will also contain news about the latest fitness news as well as tips, recipes and general fitness and sport information!
My background is all fitness and sport related. I have been heavily involved with Gymnastics since a young age, as well as being involved with many other sports throughout my time in school and higher education. I then went on to complete my Diploma in Advanced Personal Training and worked as a Fitness Instructor and a Personal Trainer for several years. Throughout this time I also completed courses in nutrition, kettlebells and my Gymnastics coaching qualifications. I worked coaching squad Gymnasts for several years, and expanded my knowledge on conditioning and especially flexibility training. I then went on to study Sports Science at University and I hope to complete a MSc in the area of Exercise Physiology and Sport Nutrition in the near future. I also hope to complete my L3 Sports Massage course soon!
I hope this site provides information about the latest products and supplements within the fitness industry. As a fitness fanatic myself, reviews on products are something I always want to read, and they can often be difficult to find! I hope to change that and give you as much information as I can! Please read and share this page and get in touch with me either on here or on twitter @gymtrition! Thank you!

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